Everybody calls me Mike

  • Everybody calls me Mike

  • Auteur : Guillaume BONNIER
  • Catégorie : FEATURE FILM / FICTION


In the Aden Gulf, one of these grey days, when the sky fades into the sea, a small boat with 4 men appears a couple of miles away from the boat. Isotta wakes up Thibault. Mike, a team mate they have taken on board in Djibouti, shows the skiff to him with the binoculars. Fishermen, they are showing him a superb yellowfin tuna. "I don't like that. Lets pull away."


Currently in development, Everybody Calls me Mike is Guillaume Bonnier's first feature film.
Director of several short films, he also was assistant director of filmmakers such as Philippe Garrel and Xavier Beauvois.


APRÈS TOI – short film, 15 min (dir. photo Pierre Cottereau).
DÉJÀ VU – short film, 10 min, with Mata Gabin and Camille Japy.
UMBILICUS – after the work of the artist Carmen Mariscal, 2 min, shown at Femlink, and Barcelona in 2006 in the "Doble des Doble" exhibition.
I’VE BEEN HERE TOO – video, 11 min, shown at the Galerie La Générale in the exibition "Je partage votre point de vue".
EVERYTIME - with Julien Dajez, video clip for the song « Everytime » by Cimacima.
BONJOUR JE M’APPELLE LAURENT, short film, 3 min, "Castel d’Or" of the 7th Rencontres de cinéma indépendant de Châteauroux in 1993.