Topo y Wera

  • Topo y Wera

  • Auteur : Jean-Charles Hue
  • Année : 2018
  • Catégorie : ESSAI
  • Fiche Technique

  • Titre original : Topo y Wera
  • Durée / duration : 48 min.
  • Format de tournage : 16:9, couleur
  • Langue : Espagnol, Anglais
  • Sous-titres : Français
  • Crédits

  • Réalisation / direction : Jean-Charles Hue
  • Image / photography : Jean-Charles Hue
  • Son / sound : Jean-Charles Hue
  • Etalonnage / color grading : Yov Moor
  • Avec / with : Topo et Wera
  • Producteur / producer : Olivier Marboeuf
  • Producteur associé / associate producer : Cédric Walter
  • Production / produced by : Spectre Productions
  • Avec le soutien de / with the support of : la FNAG, Khiasma, région Bretagne

A young loved up couple of deported Mexicans just about getting by in Tijuana, between resourcefulness and petty theft. The little that they earn goes into drugs and slot machines. She, Wera, was raised in Los Angeles and he, Topo, is a Cholo, who has spent his life in gangs. Leaving him with a bullet wound in the head, which sometimes affects his memory. But all the wounds, the drugs and the gambling cannot help them forget, that at one time they were a real family with a child that they loved tenderly, until the day that the Tijuana authorities took their child away. Time goes by and flies by and soon Wera’s love for Topo becomes nothing but a bitter memory that accompanies her in her descent to hell.

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03 juin 2019 - 19:00 Cinemathèque Paris
21 avril 2019 - 20:00 Cinéma l'Archipel Paris


09/2019 : Festival Silhouette, Paris (France)
07/2019 : European Film Festival, Palic (Serbia) / Underground Spirit Award Laureate
07/2019 : Festival Côté Court, Pantin (France)
04/2019 : Festival du cinéma de Brive, France (International Competition) - Prix de la distribution
11/2018 : 36th Torino Film Festival, Italy (Waves section)
10/2018 : Doclisboa’18, Lisbon, Portugal (International Competition)

Jean-Charles Hue is a French filmmaker born in 1968. Since 2003, he shoots the adventure of the Dorkel's, a Yeniche family living in the North of France and belonging to the travelling community. In 2009, he directs his first long feature, Carne Viva, in which he explores Tijuana's urban mythology. In 2010, his first fiction, The Lord's Ride, between polar and gypsy western. Eat your bones is his last feature.
He is currently preparing a new project "Tijuana's tale".

Topo y Wera, 2018
Crystal Bullet, 2015
Mange tes morts - Tu ne diras point, 2014
La BM du Seigneur, 2010
II Marta (short), 2005