Born in 1974 in Revin, France. Lives and works in Paris.
Since 2004, Alex Pou has made videos and films presented in art centers, galleries and cinemas. In parallel with his film work, he teaches at the Beaux Arts in Clermont-Ferrand (ESACM) where he works (with guests and students) on collective films, amongst which “Un film infini (le travail)”, a film with no scenario, no length and no single pre-determined author. He also works with the notion of “performed” cinema. Another facet of his work is the creation of drawings, imagined as forms of scenarios for films that would be impossible to make, using collage as an editing tool, drawing as projection, writing as scenario or dialogue, superposition as rush, dimension as length.
He was in residency in 2011-2012 at the Espace Khiasma (in Les Lilas, France), where he developed a part of the writing and research for his film, “Histoire de l'ombre (histoire de France)”, with the support of the Seine-Saint-Denis Department.

Le milieu du fleuve, HDV, 16 mn., 2015.
Légendes, HDV, 22 mn., 2015.
Histoire de l'ombre [histoire de France], HDV, 101 mn., 2014, prod. Spectre.
La première phrase, HDV, infini, 2012-...
Le nouveau nouveau monde, DV, 36 mn., 2011, prod. Atopic, Spectre.
Grand Capricorne, DV, 34 mn, 2009.
La préhistoire, DV, 70 mn, 2008.
Le dériveur, DV, 6 mn, 2007.
L'invisible, DV, 58 mn, 2006.
Remarques sur l'acier, (avec le collectif MIX.), DV, 8 mn, 2006.
Humain, (avec Charles Pennequin), DV, série de 3 films de 4 mn, 2005.
Logique des murs, (avec le collectif MIX.), DV, 15 mn, 2004.
Le principe de l'œuf clair, (avec le collectif MIX.), DV, 17 mn, 2003.
L’homme qui parle, DV, 24 mn, 2002.
VP (vie prolongée), BetaSp, 62 mn, 2000.
Aux animaux, (avec Stéphane Thidet), DV, 27 mn, 1999.
July, HI8, 5 mn, 1999.