• Cemetery
  • Crystal Bullet
  • Un Papillon est passé
  • M'Tsamboro
  • The Green Vessel
  • Ghost Riders
  • Bhagwati


  • Fiction/Experimental/Documentary
  • fiction/feature film
  • documentary
  • short film/fiction
  • fiction expérimentale
  • essay


  • 2019
  • 2015


  • Carlos Casas
  • jean-charles hue
  • Julia varga
  • laura henno
  • Etienne de France
  • Christine Seghezzi
  • François Daireaux


Auteur : Carlos Casas

Année : 2019

After a devastating earthquake, Nga, an old elephant and probably the last of its kind, and Sanra his mahout are about to embark on a…

fiction/feature film

Crystal Bullet

Auteur : jean-charles hue

Année : 2015

A Tijuana, à la frontière entre le Mexique et les Etats-Unis d’Amérique, existe une cour des miracles, appelée la « Coahuila », où se concentr…


Un Papillon est passé

Auteur : Julia varga

Année : 2019

February 2011. The revolution in Egypt. Moubarak has been removed from office. Scenes of effervescence in the immense neighborhood of…

short film/fiction


Auteur : laura henno

Off the coast of Anjouan, Patron, a young orphan, is in apprenticeship to his adoptive father to become “Commandant”. Soon, accompanied by his…

fiction expérimentale

The Green Vessel

Auteur : Etienne de France

Année : 2019

The Green Vessel tells the journey and the story of an old man on a river. Like a storyteller, he shares with us a story: the tale of a…


Ghost Riders

Auteur : Christine Seghezzi

Année : 2019

Against a backdrop of desert mountains and stretching white valleys beneath plastic, a man tells the story of his quest for a better life.…



Auteur : François Daireaux

Année : 2019

'Devki' is the owner of "Bhagwati Glass Enterprises", a glass tube factory in Firozabad that he founded in 1973. Now old and…