Born in 1966, at the moment when David Robert Jones became David Bowie. Renaud's childhood was spent in the suburbs in a tranquil town. He studied sociology, socialized and also isolated himself. He created his first alias in 1990 and thereafter has gone by the name “Renaud Cojo”.
Actor, director, author, performer, he initially came to the theater by way of music. In 1991 he created the label Ouvre le Chien, where he directed several projects. In 2015 he made his first film “Low” in Berlin for the trilogy “Low/Heroes”, a Berlin Hyper-Cycle that he staged with the Paris Philharmonic for the National Orchestra of Ile-de-France on the occasion of the exhibition “David Bowie Is”.
He has a multitude of projects for the coming years, thanks to numerous encounters, both fortuitous or knowingly calculated.

Autre site :
Ouvre le Chien