Born in Bordeaux in 1977, Simon Quéheillard, whose first artistic steps were toward music, studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Bordeaux. He trained in the writing atelier, under the direction of the poet Emmanuel Hocquard, who greatly influenced his future work.
He currently lives and works in Paris. His first personal exhibition was in Paris in 2006, “L'image dans le papier”, at the Frédéric Giroux gallery. It could be seen as the precursor of the book of the same name, which he published in 2008 with the support of the CNL, after an encounter with the philosopher and director of Editions MIX, Fabien Vallos. In 2012 the Espace Khiasma presented several photographic, filmic and literary works of the artist, on the occasion of his exhibition “Ma plaque sensible” (curator Olivier Marbœuf). In 2014 his film “Maître-vent” was selected to compete in Festival Images of Toronto and received the Audience Prize at the Chicago Underground Film Festival. His work was then entered into the collections of the FNAC (Fond National d'Art Contemporain). His most recent film, “De commencements en commencements” (Production Spectre), was presented in 2016 at the FID Marseilles and the FIAC in Paris (Cinéphémère).

Filmographie :
De commencements en commencements, 10mn 37s, Spectre Productions, 2016
Maître-vent, 22min 30s, Production Khiasma 2012
Pour Olivier (Moana Paul), 9mn 20s, Production La Valise 2012
Des choses comme ça, 4mn 10s, Production Khiasma 2012
Le travail du piéton, 22min, 2009-2017
Flaques-Méthode d’observation (Ce que j’ai sous les yeux 2), 17min 40s, 2004
Ce que j’ai sous les yeux, 8mn 40s, 2003